Here are a few things our customers have to say about our services. If you'd like to add anything you are welcome to contact us.

Customer Reviews

"I took your driver's education class in early November and your driver's training course in late December. They both improved my knowledge in the skills needed to drive. Your driver's training class is very comprehensive for teenagers and you provide a good learning environment when you teach. Your driver training instructor was the best. His attitude, personality, and sense of humor set a very good mood throughout my training. His experience helped me to learn correct driving. You truly have a gifted Staff. Please tell them what a good job they are doing. As far as I am concerned I find your driving school the best in L.A. Helping teens driving in this day and age is not an easy job. By helping teens you show that you care about their future." - Shiva N., Student

"It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to compliment you on one of your driving instructors. He was patient, thorough, gave me a great deal of re-assurance that I would pass my DMV driving exam - which I did! He restored my self-esteem and confidence that I could accomplish my goal and he went over and above his responsibilities in giving me excellent instructions. I would highly recommend him to other potential clients who may need the services of your school." - Mary T., Student

"Thank you so very much for the company's services that helped me get my Driver License. With that I would like to commend my driving instructor who painstakingly trained me on how to operate a car properly and obey traffic and safety rules and regulations. He watched and figured out the errors and mistakes that I was making during training and he always showed me how to do it correctly and did not give up until I learned how to do it properly. He kept on giving me important instructions and information even until when we were just waiting for the DMV examiner for the actual driving test. He did not leave me out in the dark, so to speak. In my opinion, to be a driving instructor requires a lot of knowledge and patience, especially the need to keep on talking for the most part of the training process, in other words it's a lot of hard work. Thanks to all the staff at Delta Driving School." - Arsenio A., Student

"I am writing this letter of gratitude and thanks to one of your driving instructors. I have to let you know what a valued employee that you have. I am so impressed by the skill of driving that he has taught my son. If there is such a thing as employee of the month, then this would definitely belong to him. My son is difficult to teach some things and the instructor recognized this immediately and he was very patient with him. Not only was he very patient with him, but myself as well. My son has gone to [two other driving schools]. Both times we were taking advantage of. He had taken several lessons and never got to use both the gas and the brakes at the same time after taking three lessons of two hours each. After taking only about five or six lessons at Delta, my son now has his driving license. I wish there was something else I could do or say to express the appreciation for this very special instructor. I know that if you ever have someone else that is difficult to teach and is nervous and anxious, you have someone that is excellent for that task. I know that if he can teach my child, then he can tach anyone that has difficulties learning. I would recommend Delta Driving School to other parents and anyone that is in need of these services." - Jeanette R., Parent